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We are a band of enthusiasts into the latest technologies. You will not find lengthy process or dresscode at our company. We are also sworn adversaries of “copy and paste”. Everything we do is an authentic original. To us, only that has any meaning in the contemporary world.

We mainly enjoy developing web and mobile applications but because we are real connoisseurs we also dabble in the development of mobile games for virtual reality.

Team Virtii - Petra Kaizarová - Business development se zaměřením na HR, PR, Marketing, Sales
Business development
Tým Virtii - Michal Chvála - Lead developer se zaměřením React Native vývojář
Lead developer



I am thrilled by the work and approach of the VIRTII team. Our communication was friendly and entirely without problems, their reaction time during solving any issue was minimal. The resulting product reflects this.
Jakub Šmíd
The founder of Cafe Prostoru_
Cooperation with the VIRTII company was so successful that we chose it for another two projects as well. Despite the relatively freely defined commissions they supplied a product, which we had imagined, without any need of further adjustments or reworkings.
David Veselý
the co-founder of Click Coffee
On cooperation with the Virtii team I especially appreciate their passion, human approach, focus and ability to finish a project despite any obstacles.
Aleš Konrád
Executive Director, Upvision
I have repeatedly worked with VIRTII. Whether it is a simple web or extensive app, they can always find an effective solution.
Radim Nigrin
Founder of Schools United
Great cooperation and quick communication. They have finished every commission and their prices are more than inviting, I am more than happy to recommend them.
Veronika Jandová
C.E.O., From Designers

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