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You will not miss a second of your match thanks to this app.

Project´s goal

A football fan usually has only two options during the match. Either he will miss several precious minutes of the game or he will voluntarily join one of the endless queues for refreshment during the break. We have decided to solve this problem with our application, which offers an ordering system for refreshments together with a delivery straight to their seats.

The challenge

The development of user-friendly software for the stallholder to take orders and communicate through the app or even through sms.


Stadyum is a mobile application for easy ordering of refreshments at sport stadiums. The spectator will enter the name of a stadium and their seat number into the app, choose the refreshments from the menu and the service will deliver the selected refreshments to their seats. The fan can pay in cash when the food is delivered or by card in the application itself. Therefore, they can buy a refreshment during the match without having to leave their seat.

A web application for stallholders is included in Stadyum, enabling them to take and manage orders, adjust the offers or even send notifications to the customers.

The application has been tested in five big stadiums in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, due to the poor equipment of the stadiums and internet drop-outs during a flood of spectators the project has been temporarily suspended. Its re-launch is expected in about two years.

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