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My Yearbook

Turn your nicest memories into the jewel of your your library.

Project´s goal

My Yearbook is a project of the Schools United company, which is aimed at retaining the memories of great school years. Furthermore, it supports active students with a competition for the best yearbook of the year. Schools United entrusted us with the creation of the web app, enabling the students to create their year books easily, and of the development of an administration system for the needs of the competition.

The challenge

The development of smooth and interactive software, whose control would be intuitive even for small children.


My Yearbook is a web app enabling students to create their unique school photobook online. The user will upload their photos into the app. They can afterwards organize them at will, add different texts and other design features.The application is able to work with layers, graphical effects and pre-generate the page layouts and the user can arrange the features freely. After finishing, they can have their yearbook generated into PDF form with cut marks and printed in a professional printshop. Afterwards, the students from the school can purchase it.

The system also enables the management of students, schools and yearbooks. Additionally, an administrator system was added enabling organization of different stages of competitions, where schools fullfill different tasks during the creation of their yearbook.

The system is scalable, so there is nothing in the way of introducing it to hundreds of schools.

I have repeatedly worked with VIRTII. Whether it is a simple web or extensive app, they can always find an effective solution.
Radim Nigrin
Founder of Schools United
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