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Personal guide through the world of drones, light aircarft and ultralights.

Project´s goal

There are over 50 million drones in the world and 150 thousand in the Czech Republic alone. The goal of this project was to develop an application for this newly developing field, which would make the everyday routine connected to the use of drones easier and offer functions for the professional as well as hobby pilots at the same time. In the second phase of this project, a new goal was acquired - to follow one’s drone in the real time.

The challenge

To create a mobile and web application with exact depiction of the air space, together with a real-time communication with the module attached to the drone.


The mobile application MAIA in its final form provides an interactive depiction of no-fly zones, creation of a flight journal according to the valid legislative norms, imaging of other users on the map with the possibility to contact them through the inbuilt messenger. Moreover, in the application you can manage your machines and batteries, which have their statistics of cycles counted. You will also find a complex setting of the maps such as filtering of zones, used flight units, and satellite maps. Another part of PRO+ version is the mapping of the current weather at the nearest or other selected airport including the air pressure.

The web application extends the functions of the mobile application throught the management of administrative documents and automatic notifications about their expiry. Mainly aimed at companies, it will enable the complex management of airplane fleets, employees, flight permits etc.

Together with CTU we are developing a hardware observing module, which will be attached to a drone. It will enable online tracking of the drone´s location, air temperature, speed, course, air pressure etc. This part of the application is now being tested not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Finland and Slovakia. Together with the web application for companies we hope to bring it to the international markets next year.

We also created a promotional website for the client.

On cooperation with the Virtii team I especially appreciate their passion, human approach, focus and ability to finish a project despite any obstacles.
Aleš Konrád
Executive Director, Upvision
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