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Click Coffee

A concept of cafés which adjusts to the pace of the city.

Project´s goal

Click Coffee entrusted to us the complete technological support of their innovative idea of cafés aimed at speed. The main idea of Click Coffee was to create a café where people would be to able to collect their freshly ground coffee together with breakfast quickly without queues or cash.

The challenge

The creation of realtime communication between the magnetic boxes and phone and user-friendly tablet for the management of the till system.


Our team provided the complex creation of the system for online ordering of refreshments and coffee. The whole system is based on the customer ordering the refreshment for a specific time and paying by card through the application. Click Coffee staff will then prepare their order into magnetically opened boxes in a selected store. After arrival in the store, the customer will simply press one button in the app and the box will automatically open. The whole concept is focused on speed, therefore the customer will spend only about 12 seconds in the café itself.

Apart from the mobile app for iOS and Android, we have also created an administration system for the Click Coffee staff and management, which enables them to receive and process the orders, manage their stock supplies, generate invoices etc. Furthermore, we have created their website and computer and internet infrastructure in the café. In this configuration, the concept is unique in the world. Even now, rumour has it that another chain of cafés is trying to implement a similar style of distribution.

We created a promotional website for the client as well.

Cooperation with the VIRTII company was so successful that we chose it for another two projects as well. Despite the relatively freely defined commissions they supplied a product, which we had imagined, without any need of further adjustments or reworkings.
David Veselý
the co-founder of Click Coffee
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